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Holistic Health & Living

Integrate healthy choices into your life & clear common issues using alternative healing methods like essential oils. Visit our Courses page

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Spiritual Development

Boost your intuition, and much more. Visit out OM for Success website.

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Zoom & In-person sessions

Interested in a healing with Dr. Beverly? Visit the Dancing Bear Healing Center website.

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The World is Changing!

Globally everyting is changing, humanities vibration is increasing. The old ways no longer work. "All lies are being revealed". We are here to help, you are not alone. Dr Beverly is availalbe for 15-minute consultations to explore how we might best facilitate your journey by offering one of our courses, a spiritual coaching session, a healing session, or other possibility.

Dr Beverly Lawrence

More About Dr. Beverly

Dr. Beverly has over 30 years of experience in leading workshops as well as over 5 years as a teaching assistant at a Naturopathic Medical School. In addition to her acupuncture practice she teaches online workshops, has a weekly podcast, and hosts a semi-annual summit. She manages several Facebook specialty groups, has an APP with free information and courses, and is active in her community as a CERT volunteer and Ham Radio Operator.

Visit her personal website for more information!

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